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Concept of Souls

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I finally watched Before Sunrise, a movie from 1995. More so, due to some constant banter about the same from the guy next door. And well, apart from being a love story, it is also a continuous story. One of the dialogues of the movie goes something like this, “Some thousands of years ago, there … Continue reading Concept of Souls

If you’re not the One

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It was the summer of 2003. I was in Class 10th that year. And perhaps it was one of the most beautiful summers i have ever had. There are a lot of sweet memories associated with that time. One of them was this song. I and a friend of mine used to like and listen … Continue reading If you’re not the One

The realm of Miracle

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Unbelievable. Now that’s a word, we do frequently use. It’s amazing how things are programmed into our genetic structure. The concept of an entity, more supreme than us, the God, is also a kind of genetically mapped belief. Almost everyone around the world shares such a belief (with the exception of now growing atheists group). … Continue reading The realm of Miracle