October 31

Encounter with a cold: perspectives

Recently i had a bout of illness. The usual cold and cough, that affects 11/10 people i guess 😉 . But this one was special in its duration, and the kind of thoughts it inspired in me. I was in the usual eat-sleep-eat routine, but i did get some time to think on the whole thing. Specially because i decided to postpone any work and study to after i recover.

So about the duration it lasted for about 10 days, more than the usual 2-3 day affair. But what i felt during this time was quite interesting. In the initial phase, the first day specially, i just prayed for it to end. Because i had such a terrible cold, i couldn’t even walk without sneezing. I waited patiently for 2-3 days, for it to end. And when it did not, i grew worried why it isn’t going away. Do i have swine flu? Is it sinus? Am i suffering from some new flu? How can i be wasting my time? Continue reading

October 10

Concept of Souls

I finally watched Before Sunrise, a movie from 1995. More so, due to some constant banter about the same from the guy next door. And well, apart from being a love story, it is also a continuous story.

One of the dialogues of the movie goes something like this, “Some thousands of years ago, there were only few thousands of humans. Now there are close to 6 billion of us. If each one of us has a soul, then where did these extra billions souls come from. If you come to think of us, each one soul has now been broken into thousands of pieces. And we are but a tiny fraction of original soulContinue reading

October 4

If you’re not the One

It was the summer of 2003. I was in Class 10th that year. And perhaps it was one of the most beautiful summers i have ever had. There are a lot of sweet memories associated with that time. One of them was this song. I and a friend of mine used to like and listen to it a lot. I havent forgotten it, and have been listening to it lately. The best part of the song is the lyrics. There is something so captivating about the words, i cant stop thinking about them.

Here’s the song:

Continue reading

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October 2

The realm of Miracle

Unbelievable. Now that’s a word, we do frequently use. It’s amazing how things are programmed into our genetic structure. The concept of an entity, more supreme than us, the God, is also a kind of genetically mapped belief. Almost everyone around the world shares such a belief (with the exception of now growing atheists group). With God, comes the notion of Miracles. To create something out of nothing. To change the physical structure without any contact. These are some of the ways a miracle is defined.

Well, I did not believe in miracles, until some days before. There was no explanation that could fit in. I kept wondering. And recently I read about Noetics. Noetics is a branch of philosophy that is concerned with mind, intuition and intellect. How can I know without knowing? That is what Noetics wants to find out. Somehow through the whole reading, a kind of mist cleared in my head. It was, as if, pieces of puzzles spread around the whole brain, came together. And I finally found a logical, if not realistic, explanation. Continue reading