September 22


A morning comes with its new light
thousands of things start afresh
and by the time, the darkness falls
its time for all things to end

The starting is full of joy
the ending always forgotten
but why, i ask, is the ending so tough
like burning in the hot sun Continue reading

September 12

Island : An interesting Society

Something about the way things are around me, seems to nag me always. Society as i see it, seems so imperfect. Its hard to believe it exists. I write about it frequently. But mostly i used to point out the issues. I did not have an answer. I still do not have an answer on how to take society to a better point, if it exists.

But lately i have an answer to the better society. Its not my own totally, rather inspired by a book called Island by Aldous Huxley. I seem to have a thing for his writings. They are much intriguing and leaves lot to wonder on the future. So about this book. Well in this book, there exists an alternate society in a small independent state, that has restricted the interaction between its people and the outside world. Its all done without force, mind you!! Continue reading