August 28

We, the people : Divided and United

We, the people. We, who are more divided, than united. United by the race, by the religion, or by the caste and yet these are also the dividing factor, which weighs down more upon us.

We have not tried to live for improving our life, but rather for matching and bettering the neighbour’s life. The means, always justify the end. The end, though is never justified. We, the people, have lost ourselves in small disputes or petty problems, at the same time, turning a blind eye on the larger issues. Where are we headed, if this continues?

I am no sociologist or a biologist or any ist, but the people, the society we have, and the movement of this society has been seen in 2 distinct directions. One is towards the western culture or so called modernism , and the other in the fundamentalism, or towards the core-religiosity. The fundamentals believe that we need to adapt to religion. They believe that religion is the answer, the answer to everything and everyone. And to make each of us understand this answer, all the means used by them are justified. For the modernist, however it is the religion that has to adapt to his / her lifestyle. Religion for them is only a question, and the answer a tough nut to crack. Hence, they accept it as a inheritance and move on. Some chuck it on the way, if the burden gets too heavy. Continue reading

August 20

A single soul

We were but a single soul
Fluttering away, to a world so high
Up and Up and Higher we went
Until, at last, the end was nigh

I could hear your heart beating in me
I could listen your speaking with mine
And yet the thoughts were, but distant
Separated by space, and not by time Continue reading

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August 15

Independent: Then why still fighting?

Today is Our Independence Day. India’s Independence Day. 62 years back, this very day, we got our independence from the British. Yet we are still not really free. We are bound by Land, by territory. I am not so well versed with the politics, and country related stuff, but still a small crazy thought floats in my mind. Its like an idea, or just an answer.

What is land without people? Land is unimportant. Land is empty by itself. Its useless. Will Pakistan fight us for Thar Desert, which is a arid piece of land? I do not know, but i dont assume so. Still we fight over parts of Kashmir with Pakistan, parts of North East with China. Is it so important? Each country stakes its claims, but in the end its the people that matter. Each country X believes, the people in the controversial regions think they belong to the country X. That is why they fight, for the people. THEN WHY NOT LET PEOPLE DECIDE. Continue reading

August 8


I stand here … In the Rain …
Solitude piercing me …
Is it raindrops or just my tears, wetting my face …
I have no idea …

There was a time …
When the sky was bright
There was a time …
When there was light …
An aura of expectation of what today had for me ?
but now all i see is darkness …
Continue reading

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August 3

Understanding Spirituality

Lately I have tried to get a essence of spirituality as I feel it. One idea that was quite captivating was that of a glass or a cup. Spirituality for me has become like a cup with unlimited capacity. Whenever I do anything at all, from waking up in the morning to thinking some strange thought to having my dinner, I utilize some spiritual energy from this cup. Almost all the things use this Spiritual Energy. There is no upper limit on the energy you have in the cup, but you can definitely run out of it. You can make the cup empty.

Also the thing is, many of the things or events also add to this energy more than they utilize it. I prefer to call them positive contributors. They could be extremely small things, or they could be some life changing event. Anything at all. And the size or duration of the thing or the event is not at all related to the amount of energy they add. A simple but good cup of tea after a extremely stressful day could lift your spiritual level greatly. And yet taking a five star holiday might end up reducing your spiritual energy in the cup. Continue reading

August 1


Inspite of all the things I see
A shroud, a kind of veil covers my eye
Yeah it all seems so happy, so true
Still I want to kiss it Goodbye
For through a slit inside the veil
The darkness does enter my sight
And so it travels from sight to should
And leaves behind a empty hole
Not just a hole, a black hole
and slowly the body and the mind collapses
Till you and me, have become one

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