June 15

my Dreams are Lost

This one was written just a few minutes back…( June 15th, 10:30PM)

Where are my Dreams lost?
Somewhere beyond the sky
Then why dont they come back to me
Perhaps because they cant fly!

Why are my Dreams lost?
For maybe I did not try
To transform them into a reality
Never giving them wings to fly

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June 7

Can a single person change the world

I just dont know, what led to this thought. But it was in my head, one fine morning!! And it has made its presence felt now and then. If rephrased, can any person do something, so critical, however small it maybe, that it can impact the world.

Imagine a situation in which perhaps Osama Bin Laden had been in life threatening situation. And someone saved him. If that person had not, we would not have had 9/11 possibly. The Iraq war also and god knows what all would have happened and not have happened. But this is kind of secondary example. Continue reading

June 7

A ship’s story

I found this quote on one of my friend’s profile, a long time back.. Just remembered it again!!

A ship is safest at the sea-shore , but that is not what it is built for

Sometimes a sentence can speak the whole wisdom of centuries preceding us , and this is one of them.

June 3


Havent felt like writing lately. Was reading down the memory lane. Found this. This one is one of my 1st writing when i was in Kota ( Rajasthan ), preparing for IIT entrance, around Sep 2004 i should guess.

Bundled up in endless joy
Trying to please you , god knows why
Trying to make up for what’s gone wrong
Trying to make this friendship strong

So give me another chance , a opportunity
To die without a regret would be a pity
To show what i feel for you
To let my emotions flow as they do

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