May 21

Intern Life @ Bangalore IBM

Well its been a long time. And it has been, kind of tough too. I just started work. Work, for the first time in my whole 20 years life. And to be really frank it has not been so good. I just expected it to be a cakewalk. After all, after PintOS and Networks and Compiler Labs what more harder things could there be. But i have been proved wrong. And in a thumping manner.

Initially, after getting here i was very tense about how i will manage. And i took some wrong decisions, which cost me mentally and financially. But right now, things have stabilised. I am living much better and peacefully. So more about work then. The first day, Continue reading

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May 8

Howard Roark

Its one of the name that might remain in my memory for a long time to come. He is not my best friend or mentor. He is just a character from a book. A book i had intended to read as a novel, a work of fiction. But it turned out to give me some lessons in philosophy and morality that might be imprinted forever. The book was “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. And truly it was an awesome book. Every page of this really long book, was worth it.

The character of Mr. Howard Roark was such, as if, to him everyone else was invisible. He was a guy perfectly ( more like ideally ) confident and perhaps the biggest strength he had was of “indifference“, of being indifferent to any and every thing. This may generally be considered to be cold. But then, to me, it felt more like he was one guy who wasn’t here to be someone, not here to get better than his neighbor. He was someone who wanted to create someone. To pursue his love, solely on his own, without any interference and without any bother. And he was not fighting in the rat race, so much the part of our world. Even hard circumstances wouldn’t force him to sway to a path, that was easier or something he did not love.
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May 3

Take Me to That Place

I was pretty bored and my mind was totally out of sync with me. So i just wrote all random thoughts floating around in my mind.
This was what i was able to get. It is a result of spontaneity, rather than want of perfection.

Inspire me, Enlighten me
Take me to that place where i may see
For now there is darkness, all around
Take me to that place where i can be

A feeling or maybe just a random thought
A single letter of an entire book
A moment in ever lasting eternity
From all my memory, that single look
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May 2


2 roads in front of me
both unknown and unique
time to decide is upon me
But i have no answer

My eyes are closed
I can see through my emotions
But the cloud of uncertainty is thick
Where does it all lead, is it destiny?
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May 2

The end of Semester 6

Well the last week has been crushing and the next week seems to be even more so. This is after all the EXAM time, that point where all disasters seem to converge into a one week period. For those who have never opened the books or visited the classrooms, its like living an entire 2 months in a single week.

To add to this, the professors seem to find extreme pleasure in piling up the load just days before the finals. They seem to remember all the sundry exams that need to be taken, all the assignments that should be done, and all the reports that have to be submitted. All this, appears as if to be forgotten for most part of the semester, and suddenly appear like a giant baseball bat running after you to knock you down.

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