March 29

Crime and Punishment

Crime is a universal phenomena. Amazingly, it is among the very few things common throughout our history. Even languages were different in history, but crime has remained a benchmark.

Perhaps one of the thing that has changed since ancient times, is what we define as crime. Or specifically the acts which we may term as crime. To call sun as the centre of our solar system was a crime a few hundred years ago. Even thinking certain things could make you a criminal not so long ago. I dont want to talk of crime in general, but in perspective with one criminal act. Killing.

Killing has been regarded a crime since time beginning ( or mankind’s time beginning ). I recently happened to read a book called CRIME and PUNISHMENT by Fyodor Dostovesky. Continue reading

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March 23

Trip to Nameri

It started out as the last trip with friends, with sudden random plans to go out. Till Friday evening there was no confirmed plans to go out. Saturday morning we did take off. Where to, i had no idea even as we reached Guwahati.

The first task was getting a taxi. We were going to Bhalukpong. I really had not much idea about the place. We were guessing the taxi cost for return trip at perhaps 2000 bucks for 2 day. After much negotiating and bargains we settled at Rs.5000 for a Sumo to Bhalukpong return for 2 days approx. So roughly at 9am we set out for Bhalukpong. The road was pretty much good and some of the towns we crossed were Dalgaon, Mangladai, Dhekiajuli. The major city on the way is Tezpur. Well the road branches, 5 KM before Tezpur, and all Arunachal Pradesh (AP) bound people can turn there and avoid Tezpur if they want. Well Bhalukpong, as it turned out, is in Arunachal Pradesh too. Finally we reached ’Bhalukpong’ . Bhalukpong is roughly 230-250 KM from Guwahati ( Paltan bazaar ).

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March 20

Disinflation and Deflation : good signs or not

There is a lot of talk of disinflation and deflation these days. But what do we mean by it all. Imagine a car moving at 100 mph . Suddenly it slows down to 20 mph almost in a very short period. That is disinflation. Imagine now that this car slows even further, going into reverse in another short interval. That is deflation.
Only the car is economy and speed is the inflation rates.

Does that mean that if inflation, which after all is a measure of expensiveness, goes down it will be good for consumers. Appears so on the surface, but in the current scenario it is not so. It rather shows that there is no demand or desire among consumers to buy. Less people buy, less economic activity, less growth. Hence a moderate inflation rate is considered to be good for economy.

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March 16

Tendency towards Complexity

One thing common to most of the humanity, is the acceptance of Religion. I cant really say whether i am a devout religious man, but i guess i believe. I would put myself in Spiritual category so to say. But still the concept of God eluded me, until i read it somewhere.

I had this question of how to understand god in currently established frameworks and i got the answer in the book called “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts. It is in a sense a account of his life, his escape from prison in Australia and the the entanglement with the mafia in Mumbai ( India ). It was in one of his meeting with the top boss of Mafia, a guy called Abdel Kader Khan in the book, that AKK tells him a philosophy.

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March 15

The Square Root of 3

I just saw this movie called HAROLD & KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY. It wasn’t a super flick but yeah could say enjoyable comedy. The best part of it was when Kumar sorta proposes to his long time ex-girlfriend Vanessa, and he tells her a very nerdy poem, which was related to their first meeting.

The Poem has been written by David Feinberg.  It somehow sounded so awesome, that i had to post it…

I’m sure that I will always be
A lonely number like root three

The three is all that’s good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight
Beneath the vicious square root sign,
I wish instead I were a nine

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March 14

Apple Ipod Shuffle

Apple recently launched its 3rd gen shuffle Ipods. Its a pretty small piece of machinery and is smaller than a matchbox.

It comes in a 4GB variant. And it has also incorporated a feature called Voice Over, which lets you know the title or the artist and related information about a song. It also detects the language of current song and reads out the info in the same language.

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March 14

The Birth

This site is a result of my love for the Internet.

Its journey, has been like the birth of a child. For about 15 days it was conceptualised, or the Conception Period. And after a few more days, it has resulted in birth of the website, the child.

It reminds me of a newborn , also because, when it is born , it knows not where it is destined to go. It just learns along and slowly finds it way. With the site also its same, we just started this place with no final goal in mind or the destiny unknown. Yet we hope that through growing and learning, this place might just do something unexpected. Feedbacks and Comments are always appreciated as they let us know where we are and where we should be going.